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Pregnancy and the birth of your child – those magic and special times of your life...

You will not regret it if you create lasting memories of your pregnancy, birth, and your newborn.

Leave the camera work to trusted hands and enjoy these precious moments fully!

Due to my work as a doula, I have a passion for pregnancy, birth, and babies. You will notice this during the shoot and in the results.

When you see the pictures, you’ll be surprised by the moments that have been captured without you noticing it.

Have a look at my portfolio; check out my prices & packages; and contact me for booking your photoshoot!

The digital photos will be delivered within 1 month.

Your photos will not be shared without your explicit permission.

Steenbergen, Pregnancy Photography
It was lovely having Semin taking photos on a sunny Sunday afternoon. She was very hospitable from the start. Before we met we were in contact over e-mail, so she could find out what kind of photos we liked. We also spoke on the phone to set all the details. We felt very comfortable taking the photos. It was great she came to our house to take them. After the photoshoot, she was so excited that it took her almost no time to edit and send them to us. A lovely experience altogether.
Dordrecht, Birth Photography
Semin, you were at the birth of Wolfgang, our wonderful son! No regrets that we have chosen for your work. Those pictures ..... What breathtakingly beautiful to see! The tears ran down my cheeks when I first saw the pictures. And they still do! So intense and special. So beautifully and purely documented. I really hope you will make a lot parents happy with such beautiful photography because really, they will have no regrets!! You are great at what you do. We are grateful that you captured a priceless moment in our lives.
Amsterdam, Newborn Lifestyle Photography
Semin has a unique eye for creating a beautiful setting in her photographs. I am grateful for her eye in photographing. She sees things others do not and capture these unexpected precious moments. Not only does Semin have the skills, but she is also sweet, gentle and patient. My son has been extremely alert since he was born and did not sleep very well during the day. So, getting a newborn shoot was extremely challenging. Semin was extremely patient and creative during the entire photo shoot and we were able to get most gorgeous pictures. I would recommend Semin to anyone and everyone looking for a photographer to capture beautifully and professionally once in a lifetime moments.
Jason & Rebecca
Jason & Rebecca
Bergschenhoek, Pregnancy, Birth & Newborn Lifestyle Photography
Semin attended for the entire day of the birth of our firstborn son, before, during, and after the birth. We were initially a little sceptical, but this all went away very quickly once Semin explained the process and reassured us of everything. It was truly amazing, and we wouldn’t have had it any other way. We have photos we could never imagine now being without, some of them very intimate, nearly all of them candid and natural. Our son's first seconds in the world were captured beautifully and professionally, as well as every single emotion (pensive, anxious, excited, happy, etc.) leading up to that moment, and the outpouring of joyful emotions afterwards as well. Semin is always sensitive to our feelings and knows when to keep her distance as well. We loved the photos and Semin’s personal service so much that we asked her to come again to do an additional shoot when our son was a week old. These were also beautiful and amazing photos. We will certainly be using her for a full service again when our next one comes along.