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Rituals are essential and healing.

Every end marks a new beginning, and every new beginning a new end.

Processing your grief and celebrating your blessings​​ nourish your body and soul.

Do you have something to mourn or to celebrate as a woman?

Do you wish to experience this moment individually or in a women's circle?

You're welcome to experience the transformative power of rituals.

This is my wish for every women.

Also precious to give or to receive as a gift.  


A long fertility journey is a real rollercoaster.

On the one hand, you feel as if the time stands still; on the other hand, you keep on moving forward every month, from cycle to cycle, from treatment to treatment. 

Processing what has happened so far and to begin anew helps healing. 

This ritual combines visualization and healing techniques to:

  • to process your fertility history
  • to come to terms with where you stand now
  • to envision your pregnancy (wish).


Loss and grief are a part of a long fertility journey. A grief ritual helps you process your:

  • unfulfilled pregnancy wish
  • miscarriage
  • stillbirth

 in a powerful way.

We work with writing, movement, and rituals in the nature to release and embrace your emotions surrounding your loss and grief.


A 'mother blessing', a moment to honor the mother-to-be.

Celebrate your pregnancy and receive the supporting energy of the women in your life with a personal ritual.

Depending on your wishes, I can support you with organizing, designing, and facilitating this special gathering. 

A relaxing foot massage, a special gift, wishes and tips for motherhood, beautiful pictures, cooking/baking/creating together... Anything that will make the pregnant woman happy. 


A rebozo closing ceremony, a moment to mark the end of your post-partum period.

After the first 40 days/6 weeks of intense mothering, it is time to take care of yourself.

By stimulating the closing of the pelvis, this ritual helps you to physically, mentally, and energectically close your period of pregnancy, giving birth, and post-partum.

I offer this extended closing ceremony together with Doula Julie in her studio Mama Cocoon in Sneek.


I am so grateful that Semin came into my life, several years ago now. She had been with me through my entire fertility journey, helping me navigate through a very challenging time, always ready to support and advise. She had been a counsellor, an advocate and finally I was able to enjoy the amazing, transformative experience of the Reboso Closing Ritual with Semin and her colleague Julie from Mama Cocoon. Thank you for being such a valued advisor, and friend!