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Healing & Organ Massage

Shamanic Healing

Open your heart with the beat of the drum to the healing power of nature and spirits.

Let Siberian shamanic healing practices & rituals give you guidance and clear up energy blockages.

A healing session alone involves:

  • an introductory conversation on the issue you seek healing for
  • you resting while I do a reading or healing through shamanic journeying
  • a concluding conversation on the received guidance and healing.

Healings can also be integrated intuitively into our counseling or doula sessions.

Organ Massage

Support your whole body and internal organs with the help of Siberian organ massage.

These gentle and intuitive massage techniques are an effective healing and self-care method. 

The overall goal of organ massage is to prevent chronic illness by providing regular attention and care  for your organs - the organs that work for you every day and keep you alive. This belly massage promotes the functioning of all your organs and stimulates blood circulation in your abdominal area. We also store suppressed emotions in  our belly, and massaging them helps to relax & release this emotional stress.

Your belly is the center of your fertility. It is key to have your physical & emotional digestive system working well before your fertility organs can work optimally.

Although organ massage offers healing for all organs, my primary focus is female reproductive health, stimulating fertility to achieve pregnancy. This massage is an integrated part of the holistic fertility program.


Went for massage and healing. Beautiful experience. My stomach hasn't been this relaxed in a long time. And received help to find an answer to an important question. And I was also asked a number of questions, which was very surprising but certainly worth thinking about.