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Pregnancy & Birth

Your doula, your wishes

YOU ARE PregnanT


Congratulations! You are pregnant. The moment you see those two lines on a pregnancy test for the first time, it is the beginning of a whole new chapter in your life. You are now responsible for two lives. 

How is your baby? And how are you? Sometimes it is difficult to enjoy your pregnancy if you have no one to turn to with your questions and worries.

And the birth... Who hasn't heard some horror birth story from an aunt or a neighbor or seen some screaming birth scenes on TV?

Stop, don't panic!

With a good preparation for your birth and post-partum, it'll be a much easier ride.

What do you want for your baby? For yourself and your family? Regretting afterwards is quite painful, simply because you can only experience every pregnancy and birth only once.

All reasons to invest in the birth of your child and the birth of you as a mother.

How you begin this journey together will leave lasting memories and impact on you and your child as a person.

I Am HERE for you


Doula Semin Friesland

You can ask me any question, any time. No question is strange, and I’ll be honest with you, about the possibilities, difficulties, the beauty and the messiness of pregnancy, birth, post-partum, and life with a newborn baby.

To welcome this special period of your life in a foreign country makes it extra challenging. You have so many questions and may feel lost as to how you find the answers. I am here to both to help you navigate the Dutch system and to offer guidance in discovering the pregnancy and birth you wish.

What can you expect on your birthing day and what do you need as a woman? Together, we’ll do whatever it takes to make you feel comfortable on the big day.

Talk, walk, bake, massage, dance...

Everything you need for a good start.

Let me support you in fulfilling your

Birth Wishes

With me by your side as your certified doula

  •  You'll find out about your options and possibilities & make informed choices for yourself and your baby
  • You'll get practical tips, exercises & massages that will enable you to be prepared & relaxed for your birth and post-partum
  • You'll have one trusted support person throughout your pregnancy, birth, and post-partum.

Due to my background in counseling, I pay extra attention to the mental and emotional coaching.

As an extra service, I can offer you special rituals and make beautiful pictures of your pregnant belly, your birth, and your newborn baby as your photographer.

doula Friesland


Deniz & Oğuzhan & Ata
While going through the process of pregnancy in a foreign country, more so during the pandemic, was a test in itself, Semin's trust, sincerity, and experience made all worries wash away. We felt her sincerity from the first minute we met, and time flew by. Due to the pandemic, Semin could not be with us physically during the birth. But still, despite the pandemic, she was with us from the beginning of the birth to the last moment, be it online. We were also prepared for the period after birth with books and tips on birth, transition to parenthood, and for every possibility! Thanks to the exercises she showed, I could even easily cope with the contractions of the induced labor. I'm glad I went on this journey with Semin. Mine was a cesarean delivery at the last moment and maybe I would be sad because I had a cesarean section. But especially postpartum support, meals, delicious snacks... You have been an invaluable friend to me. Great photography, too. My dear Semin, glad to know you, glad that our paths crossed. I wish you leave beautiful marks in the lives of other expectant mothers.
I was lucky from very beginning on with respect to my pregnancy and birth. Meeting Semin was one of those lucks. With the book suggestions and information she gave during pregnancy, I could prepare for my birth process from within. The fact that a respectful, wise woman who knew the process was by my side during my birth as an observer changed my energy during the birth. Looking at myself from the outside from her eyes made me to calm down. After the birth, she continued to provide psychological support and share her knowledge. I am grateful for all of this sincere help. As to her photography, she was calm, natural, prepared for and patient with the difficulties of shooting with a small child.
I want to say thanks ''Birth Wish" from my heart. Dear Semin, you did lot for me. I'm alone in Netherland, but for your support I didn't felt that. I pray for you and your "Birth Wish". Some people thought without Doula baby can born. Of course baby can born without Doula's help. But Doula makes ur day easy and beautiful. Doula give u courage and support. Semin u remember I put lipstick that day when I went to hospital? Ha ha ha.... I think I'm the only one who put lipstick at such critical condition ;p Actually I felt courage for you. I thought what ever happen Semin will help me. And you did that. Today Ilham 8 weeks old and he can recognize his mom :) it's a beautiful feeling. Thank you Dear for everything.
Mini Pregnancy Course


Let's get to know each other by working together! How about finding out how it is to prepare for your birth with a doula by doing a mini pregnancy course?

You'll have all the time and space to ask all your questions & you can already use all the valubale information you receive. 

During this session of 1½-2 hours, you receive:

  • The essential information on birth & post-partum
  • A guide to write a birth plan
  • Practical tips for each phase of labor
  • How giving birth with a doula can contribute to fulfilling your birth wishes


Invest in a good start for yourself and your baby.

Choose now for personal preparation and supp​​​​​ort tailored to your needs and wishes.

Receive Doula support throughout your pregnancy, birth, and post-partum consisting of:

  • Free online Meet-the-Doula session
  • Pregnancy Course including setting up a birth & post-partum plan
  • 2 prenatal sessions
  • 24/7 on call starting from the 38e week of pregnancy
  • Continuous ​​​​​​sup​​​​​​​p​​​​​​​ort during labor
  • 1 postpartum session
  • Unlimited online contact
Doula & Birth Photography


What if your doula could also be your birth photographer

The ideal combination if you would like to receive birth support as well as beautiful photos of your birth. With me on your birth team, you will avoid an extra person in your birthing room.

Bonus: You also save on extra costs and arrangements!

With this package deal, you receive next to the doula package:

  • Photos of the birth & 2 hours after
  • 150+ edited digital photos

If you also would like a pregnancy and/or newborn shoot, you will also receive special prizes for these photoshoots as these shoots can be combined with our doula appointments. 

Win-win-win, just saying ;)



Doula Semin