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Finding your answers to your fertility questions



You wish to have a baby, and you cannot wait to do a pregnancy test. As months go by without the positive line, you seek medical help. First you take the diagnostic tests; then the fertility treatments begin. If the treatments are not successful, the initial feelings of hope slowly give way to disappointment and despair.

As friends and family announce their pregnancies, you begin to ask yourself if your turn will ever come. Time and again, you are confronted with the well-meaning comment that “You just need to relax and not to be so busy with it” and that “It will just happen”. Between hormones, hope, and fear, you notice this whole baby-making process affects you and your relationship.

To complicate matters, you are far from home, going through all this process in a health system that is not familiar to you, where words get lost between the languages, and where your support network is not readily available for you.

It feels alone and as an endless process without certainty of a happy end: A baby in your arms.

You feel you have tried everything to get pregnant,  but nothing seems to work, and you would do anything and everything to fulfill your wish.

Is your only chance of getting pregnant by going to a fertility clinic abroad or do you still have options and resources you have not explored?



Fertility Coach Semin

I stood in your shoes.

It took us 4 years to conceive our first child, and now I am the lucky mother of 2 healthy kids.

First trying to conceive naturally, then moved on to the medical fertility treatments. In the mean time, living healthy, taking supplements, the bitter Chinese herbs, ayurvedic massages - giving everything a chance to help my body to get pregnant.

When nothing seemed to help, the most important part of my fertility journey began: the mental part. I am convinced that this is what finally made the difference.

That is also the reason I wish to share my experience and knowledge to help women overcome the physical and mental barriers to becoming pregnant. Yes, you can also become pregnant. Your wish can also become true.


Let me support you in fulfilling your wish to get pregnant

By working with me, you:

  • Set yourself and your wishes central
  • Receive guidance about fertility care in the Netherlands and abroad and can make informed choices with regard to your fertility treatments
  • Discover natural methods to boost your fertility
  • (Re)gain trust in your body’s ability to get pregnant
  • Search for mental and emotional obstacles that may be standing in your way
  • Learn self-care techniques to help you relax and release emotions and trauma (e.g. after a disappoinment or miscarriage)
  • Design a sustainable life and relationship for you during or after your fertility journey
fertility coach Friesland


I am so grateful that Semin came into my life, several years ago now. She had been with me through my entire fertility journey, helping me navigate through a very challenging time, always ready to support and advise. She had been a counsellor, an advocate and finally I was able to enjoy the amazing, transformative experience of the Reboso Closing Ritual with Semin and her colleague Julie from Mama Cocoon. Thank you for being such a valued advisor, and friend!
Throughout our 2 years our online meetings, Semin acted as my mentor, adviser and fertility specialist. Due to the distance I have decided to establish her as my strategic fertility planner, which happened to be a very wise move. She convinced me to follow a certain timeline for the treatments. She was kind to guide me through rules and regulations of my health insurance and she was very gentle in the process of many failures in the fertility journey. I am forever grateful that she has a customized oriented approach per each case and that in my case, she acts as a consultant only, which has given me more self-esteem in the process of negotiation with medical stuff members. When I was pregnant, we were in touch again, and this time around Semin helped me navigate the Dutch pregnancy and post-partum world as she is also a doula. I will also contact her after my baby is born, and she will also assist me to establish my new work-life balance as a mum.
I was trying to cope with stress at work, stress at home, and yes stress at the hospital too. I was through three iui and one ivf treatments when I met this knowledgeable and caring person. As an expat living in the NL for three years, I missed my own doctor, my family, and was craving for some (any?!) support. We have met only three times yet that made a lot of difference. And in between she was always in touch; checking with me to offer further advise. She was open about sharing her personal story and helped me build mine. I went through another yet this time more relaxed and fun ivf cycle with this supportive person. I have not fully come out still; yet all looks much brighter now.
Fertility Discovery Session

Would you like to experience what fertility coaching can bring?

Book your discovery session of 1½ hours during which you'll:

  • find out where you stand in your fertility journey by processing your fertility story
  • search for the deeper meaning of your wish to become pregnant means for you
  • learn what you can do yourself now to stimulate your fertility
  • make a fertility plan that matches your situation, needs, and wishes
Fertility Retreat

How about gifting yourself with a day of fertile self-care just for you?

During this half day retreat designed for you, you will receive:

  • fertility coaching on the current issue you would like to receive mental support on
  • organ massage to relax your belly 
  • a fertility or grief ritual that matches your current situation

and a healthy lunch prepared by me.

Ideal if you live outside of Friesland!

Personal Fertility Journey*

Is your wish strong and you are ready to take the steps to fulfill it?

Join my 4-month holistic fertility program tailor-made for you and

  • learn to deal with the physical, social, and emotional challenges of your fertility journey
  • discover & process your traumas with regard to getting pregnant
  • transform your thinking patterns around getting pregnant
  • take the steps and self-care measures to fulfill your wish to get pregnant
  • receive counseling for your mind, organ massage for your body, and healing rituals for your soul
  • have me as your IVF doula during your fertility journey

*Includes the Fertility Discovery Session