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One of the best parts of giving birth in the Netherlands is the excellent post-partum care (kraamzorg) offered to all women during the first 7-10 days following the birth of a baby. This medical care offered by a maternity nurse is included in the basic insurance package, even though an individual contribution per hour is also required. The duration and intensity of kraamzorg depends on the preference and needs of your family. As a doula, I advise all my clients to take up the maximum amount of hours, especially for a first-born child. And believe me - no one has ever regretted having too much kraamzorg! To the contrary, you are almost in tears when the kraamzorg leaves. It is basically a gift in the form of an angel in the most vulnerable days of a woman's life. It is such a relief to have someone who takes care of the mother and the baby medically, psychologically, and practically.

It was an honor to visualize the valuable support kraamzorg provides in images as a photographer and to thus contribute to the research project led by the Erasmus University Medical Center, De beste start voor de kwetsbare kraamvrouw en haar kind, stressing the importance of post-partum support for a healthy start for families.

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