rebozo kopen

Rebozo is a traditional Mexican cloth which is worn by women to carry their babies and belongings.

Mexican midwives and doulas also use it during pregnancy and birth for massages. It helps the mother to relax and the baby to optimally position itself.

It is one of the favorite items in my doula bag, and I use it both during prenatal appointments and birth. Mothers love to be rocked by the rebozo.

Are you curious how you could use the rebozo to prepare for birth? You just need to book a doula consult to let me teach you some rebozo techniques.

Would you like to buy a rebozo? You just need to choose your favorite color and pattern & order yours.

Production method: 100% handmade, woven

Materials: Mexican cotton blend

Measurements: 65 x 210 cm

Price: €30 + shipping costs