SEMIN Suvarierol hoen

Semin Suvarierol Hoen


I am a counsellor, doula, photographer. I am a mother of a son and a daughter who teach me something new about myself and life every day. I work intuitively and integrate my mix of professional skills with my personal life experience.

I stand by your side during your journey to become pregnant, to give birth to your child, or to a new you.

I believe in the inner power that lies in every one. I facilitate you in discovering and reaching your heart’s wishes.

I admire the natural beauty of pregnant women, birthing couples, and newborn babies. With my camera, I capture pure family moments as they unfold and create lasting memories.

Let’s meet to find out how I can support you in your birth, your wish.





  • January-April 2016: SKVR Vervolg Fotografie
  • October 2014-January 2015: Volksuniversiteit Fotografie voor Beginners


My interest in pregnancy and birth was born before we actively began trying to conceive for our first child. The more I found out about these beautiful processes, the more my admiration grew. I looked forward to experience it myself.

My journey to motherhood was not an easy road. We eventually sought medical assistance. The diagnosis 'unexplained infertility' marked the beginning of my personal search for remedies. While we were going through the treatment schemes, I also sought help through alternative medicine and diets.

While the doctors and I were doing our best to boost my fertility, neither the increasingly advanced treatments, nor the alternative remedies led to a lasting pregnancy. In the meantime, I learned a lot about health and becoming pregnant. Yet, this process has touched me much deeper and changed my outlook on life and well-being.

Besides the body, I also took this opportunity to find my spiritual and emotional balance. In this process, I benefited a lot from coaching and therapy sessions and got to know myself better. I believe that it was when I had found my true self and had learned about ways to lead a more fertile life that I became pregnant. I see our son as the ultimate fruit of my transformation process and my daughter as the follow-up gift.

The other fruit of my long journey to motherhood is my wish to assist others in their journeys to welcoming a new life. To accomplish my desire, I made a career switch from researcher to counsellor, doula, and photographer.

I now put my training and my personal life experience into the service of supporting fertile lives and positive birth experiences. I would love to walk with you in your journey towards welcoming a new life.