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Meeting the new life in you

Conscious Pregnancy

The moment you see those two lines on a pregnancy test for the first time, it is the beginning of a whole new chapter in your life. You are now responsible for two lives. As you search for the answers to all the questions that arise, you are also finding out your priorities about health, well-being, and childcare.  

If you would like to prepare for birth and motherhood at a deeper level, pregnancy is unique chance to go on a journey to discover your inner fears, wishes, strengths, and challenges as a person.

I am here to both to help you navigate the Dutch system and to offer guidance in discovering the pregnancy and birth you wish.

I will also remind you to feel the miracle growing inside your body and to connect with your intuition and your baby.

Trust me, practicing to listen to the wisdom inside you will strengthen you as a mother.

My wish for you is...

that you grow together with your baby as a team during your pregnancy,

that this journey paves the way to a conscious birth and parenthood,

that I help you to discover and realize the birth that you wish for yourself and your child.

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